The Constitution of the Federation can be found here and our objectives include: –


  • Representing the interests (in the widest sense) of the member Unions and their members
  • Facilitating closer co-operation between the Unions in the furtherance of the mutual assistance and protection of their respective members
  • Improving and making more effective – through cross border representation and cooperation – the voice and influence of maritime and shipping professionals
  • Promoting the interests of members of the Unions as widely as possible


Our aims and objectives are: –


  • to remain relevant to professionals in the maritime and shipping profession
  • to be the collective voice of our respective members, responding to the challenges and opportunities that the global maritime and shipping industry present
  • to respond to criminalisation of the profession

Our current work programme is dictated by our agreed priorities adopted by the Board of the Nautilus Federation and set priorities which include: –


  • Launching a global joint assistance & support network to help protect members from criminalisation (JASON)
  • Coordinating of the delivery of services to relevant seafarers
  • Carrying out topical surveys of our members and producing written reports
  • Enhancing effectiveness at the IMO to complement the existing activities of ITF and IFSMA.
  • Assessing the decisions of the ITF’s 43rd Congress and working to the realisation of resolutions impacting on our industry and assess the contribution the Federation can make to the policies that are adopted.
  • Growing and strengthening the membership by reaching out to other like-minded maritime & shipping unions, thus widening the impact of the work we do in the interests of all maritime & shipping professionals.


Our goals


In practical terms our goals are to: –

  • Fully organise all ships within our collective spheres of interest in accordance with ITF Policy
  • Support each other internationally
  • Share information, studies and carry out survey’s
  • Provide technical and policy cooperation and support
  • Promote progressive trade unionism
  • Support tripartism
  • Promote seafarers welfare
  • Foster mutual respective and understanding
  • Provide a practical response to criminalization

These goals are reflected in the federation’s Strategic Plan 2016-2018 a copy of which you can find here.

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