Support – What do we provide to our members?

The member’s of the unions that are affiliated to the Federation fall into two broad categories – domiciled and non-domiciled.

For the specific membership eligibility details, and the services and benefits available, for domiciled members, please refer to the relevant unions website.

For non-domiciled seafarers (e.g. those not eligible to be domiciled members) who work on ships and vessels that are organised by the unions who are members of the Federation, the services provided to you are stipulated, as a minimum, by the ITF. These services include: –

• A newsletter, journal or magazine
• A contacts directory and details of relevant person/s
• Assistance with any valid claims arising under collective agreements
• Ship visits (where possible)

The Nautilus Federation on behalf of its members has also developed the following additional services, which incorporate and exceed those required by the ITF: –

• A 24/7 all year round support service – Nautilus 24/7 which provides a point of contact for urgent queries by seafarers on Federation organised ships and vessels
• A Joint Assistant and Support Network (JASON) to provide support to members facing criminalisation to ensure that your human rights are protected in accordance with the IMO/ILO Fair Treatment Guidelines and the IMO Casualty Investigation Code.


Federation Policies

The Nautilus Federation aims to develop policies on issues of importance to its members. Check back here regularly for updates as these policies become available they will be post here.


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IMO activities

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is the United Nations specialist agency for the maritime industry responsible for the safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment. It is a key organisation for maritime professionals and the Nautilus Federation is committed to enhancing the voice of seafarers at the IMO. The federation has appointed a IMO representative to focus on such priority issues such as fatigue, safe manning, and criminalisation. The are many ongoing and future issues that the Federation will be concentrating on the years ahead.


Inland waterways

Within the framework of the Nautilus Federation member unions with membership in inland waterways transport are working together to realise common goals within the sector.



The Nautilus Federation flagship service to support seafarers is the Joint Assistance and Support Network (JASON). A collaboration between member unions to provide support to seafarers facing criminalisation with the aim of ensuring that they receive fair treatment in accordance with the relevant IMO/ILO Guidelines.